Alexander Jiikson Edition

The special edition of the powerful Tsar Hookah

Aesthetic, bright and fitted with outstanding technical features. Here is a special piece of the Tsar Alexander hookah collection, same but still different from others.

Chicha tsar alexander jiikson edition
Chicha tsar alexander jiikson edition

What's your number ?

Distinctive at all levels, each hookah of this edition has its own serial number, engraved in the stainless steel. A real collection piece.

Fresh new colors

Created in 2 different shades suitable with everything, with the recognizable design of Tsar Alexander hookahs. 

chicha tsar alexander Jiikson edition
Chicha tsar alexander jiikson edition

Hookah by Jiikson

A unique collaboration for a unique Hookah. When the savoir-faire of Tsar meets with the biggest French hookah influencer who has been working with the brand for many years.

Glossy or mat ?

With two colors and two finishs, the decision is yours. 

Durable and resistant

Everything has been made to offer the best experience with a piece created to last. Made with premium quality stainless steel, this hookah doesn't fear bumps or rust.

Chicha tsar alexander jiikson edition

Get your limited edition Hookah

Available now... but for how long ?

Tsar Alexander Jiikson Edition

  • High grade Stainless Steel
  • Engraved serial number
  • Butterfly plate
  • 4 hose connectors
  • 1 connector included
  • Limited edition