Go Fast

Definitly surprising

As the world is changing faster than ever, upgrade your travel-hookah collection with this extra small version perfect for every occasion.

tsar go fast hookah
tsar go fast hookah

Designed for the best

Its original look reminding a box is not only noticeable : it enables you to enjoy a good balance, as well as an easier preparation, especially for fruity sessions.

Built for adventure

That 17-centimeters tall hookah is your favorite-to-be for future vacations. Take it easy thanks to its protective case that makes it even more convenient.

tsar go fast hookah

10 times more cool

Discover the GoFast hookah in a large choice of vibrant colors.

tsar go fast hookah

Always ready

Nothing has been left out with this hookah : every accessory you may need for your session is here. From bowl to HMD and coal tong, nobody is missing.

New day, new me

Change the color of your hookah with the matching accessories available in all 10 shades, and get yourself a unique hookah !

tsar go fast hookah accessories

GoFast hookah available now

Tsar GoFast

  • Original design
  • Thick glass base
  • "X" style blow out
  • Fully fitted
  • 10 colors available
  • Transport case