Elegance in its purest form

The Tsar family welcome a new member : the ultimate hookah for an unrivaled experience.

hookah tsar ultimate

All eyes on me

Minimal and Bold at the same time, the Tsar Ultimate takes it all ! Discover this modern and refined Hookah, made for perfect solo sessions.

Custom friendly

Column, base or even plate : create your own hookah by replacing spare parts as you want. You can even imagine a new color combination by mixing it together !

hookah tsar ultimate

Get your own Ultimate now

Available in a wide range of colors, The Tsar Ultimate is made to fit all preferences.

dive tube plongeur

Modular draw

Heavy or flowing, adjust the draw according to your taste thanks to the diffusor, which can be put in 3 different positions.

Heavy draw lovers can also take it off to enjoy the sensations at its fullest !

Your new Tsar Ultimate Hookah

Tsar Ultimate

  • Stainless steel
  • Glass base
  • 1 hose connector
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Adjustable diffusor
  • Customizable