The design colored Hookah

Forget all you know about Molotov X hookahs. Discover that brand-new gem created by Tsar, for the best experience ever. 

tsar molotov x plus hookah
tsar molotov x plus hookah

Show your true colors

18 shades, with 7 unique colors : it is safe to say that is the most colored hookah you have ever seen.

Simply the best

A new system developed to enhance the performance during your sessions. A better and faster purging system that blows out all the smoke of your bowl in the most efficient way.

tsar molotov x plus hookah

Choose your draw

Heavy or light, it gives you the choice between 3 different modes, thanks to the adjustable diffusor. Find your perfect match !

Tsar molotov X plus hookah
tsar molotov x plus hookah

Endless possibilities

Dark or light, black or bright, there is an infinity of possible combinations. Match it with your mood by changing any accessory whenever you want. Another part of magic of the Molotov X + !

Don't wait more

Get your Molotov X Plus hookah, provided with all its accessories at the best price.


  • Butterfly plate
  • One hose connector
  • Phunnel bowl
  • Charcoal tong
  • Mouthpiece XL
  • Unique purging system