A new way to enjoy hookah

We are glad to introduce the french HMD by Tsar. A device that gathers all the technical features and the power of the greatests at the best price.

système de chauffe tsar booster

Developed for the better

A new HMD to offer you an incredible heating experience. Enjoy the ergonomic grip offered by the handle and top performance.

Magic in the air

Tsar conducted research on the best way to get a perfect air-flow. Everything has been designed to achieve a long-lasting and well-managed heating, no matter how long your hookah session lasts. We made it simple to use and to adjust according to your taste.

système de chauffe tsar booster
tsar booster v2

Neat design

Sober with smooth and airy lines, this device has been created to be strong and elegant at the same time.

Phunnel-bowl friendly

A HMD compatible with a various range of Phunnel bowls. 

système de chauffe tsar booster

Experiment with Tsar HMD

Tsar Booster

  • Brand-new design
  • Perfectly regulated heat
  • Provide you the best air flow
  • Compatible with Kaloud-type bowls